<Hood By Air Giveaway>

HBA just released a new line, so I’ll be ordering online. To commemorate both the new line and the fact that I’ve finally regained 1k followers (half I had on my old blog that got deleted), I’ll be doing my 2nd giveaway with my beautiful sister because we have graduation money. There will be at least three prizes that I’ll be ordering along with my order. See the prizes and rules below. 

1st prize: <BLACK OPTION> (the 3 black shirts above)
2nd prize: <WHITE OPTION> (the 3 white shirt above)
3rd prize: <SURPRISE> For every 1000 notes this post gets, I will add another winner who will receive a surprise gift. (it’ll be worth it)


  • Must be following: tsuigekisha & cheyenne-jude
  • Must be following my minimalism blog, wannabe-minimalist, to received 3rd prize. 1st & 2nd prize will also receive the surprise if following. 
  • Likes count as an extra vote. 
  • Check out my Look Book if you’d be so kind. »> xvnvbvzv
  • If you are under 18, make sure you have permission from your parents. 
  • ENDS: My university’s first day of Fall Break: October 11, 2014. <141011>
  • Feel free to ask me if you have any questions~
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